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"How To" Done Right

Under the direction of Emmy™ nominated director J. Michael Brown, our team will produce, shoot and edit your Garage-O-Matic project for maximum impact & sales!

Focus on what you do best

Our team eliminates the complexity and time requirements of producing, shooting, and editing your Garage-O-Matic instructional content. Everything is taken care of, so you can focus on teaching the project at hand.

No upfront cost

Master mechanics and restoration specialists can choose to have production costs paid by a percentage of project sales until the balance is paid off.

Organization Simplified

Want to use Garage-O-Matic but can't find the time? We'll set you up, organize your shop, and input your tools, parts, and supplies.

Harness the power of Garage-O-Matic

Get the most out of Garage-O-Matic by utilizing our built in parts, tools, and supplies inventory system. Instatly know where everything is and when you're running low on supplies.

Affordable & time saving service

Depending on the size of your shop, most collectors can be setup and running in 2 days or less. We charge an all-inclusive fee covering transportation, lodging, and meals.

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