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Stop giving away your hard-earned knowledge on YouTube, Facebook groups and forums. You've worked hard to learn your skillset and you deserve to be compensated. Our approved experts earn $18 per question answered.
Learn why you should never give free advice

How it works

Our member selects an expert of their choice, pays a fee, then asks their question. You answer the question, communicate with the member until you mark the question resolved. Watch the video to see the process in action.

But I love helping people

People do not value free work, this has been proven time and time again with multiple studies. Psychology experiments have shown that the more people pay for something, the more they value it. When people want the best, they look to the price to tell them what's great.

In fact, giving away your knowledge for free creates an annoying never-ending cycle of questions and answers.

Our platform allows you to help people, earn money and provide value to our members, all at the same time.

Become an expert

If you think you have what it takes to be a Garage-O-Matic expert, email us using the provded link. Experts don't have to be just mechanics, we accept experts in wood, plastics, engineering, coatings, and more.

To be considered, please email us and include your name and a description of your skill set

* minus credit card processing fees

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