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You've spent years honing your skills, here's your chance to help others and get paid.

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Produce and publish your own projects. Enthusiasts can harness the power of your knowledge to perform tasks on their own accurately. *

Video, photograpy or written

Projects can contain video, photography or written documentation, or any combination thereof.

You set the topic

Projects can be vehicle-specific or general-purpose. Set make, model, years, or VIN ranges, then attach relevant parts, tools, and supplies for easy ordering.

You set the price

You decide what the project is worth, and we'll take a small percentage of your asking price for maintaining the platform.

Interact with your apprentice

The apprentice can ask questions via our integrated question and answer system.

You set the skill level required

Let your apprentice know the required skills before they purchase your project.

* Not all projects are eligible for sale on Garage-O-Matic.

Sell Your Product or Service

Have you developed a product or service other enthusiasts would find valuable? Sell it on Garage-O-Matic and pay no membership fees. *

Harness the power of Garage-O-Matic

Put your product or service in front of those that need it most by becoming a verified Garage-O-Matic vendor. **

Bundle your product or service with a project

Help your fellow enthusiasts complete projects by producing content illustrating the installation, use, or features of your product or service.

* Not all products and services are eligible for sale on Garage-O-Matic. Membership fees waived for qualified members who maintain $250+ in sales per month.
** Not all members will qualify for the Garage-O-Matic verified vendor certification.

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